Things to Take into Account When Choosing Grandstand Seating

Jun 24, 2021 | Genel

Grandstand seating is one of the most important decorative units of venues such as sports fields, stadiums, and hippodromes where spectator matches, competitions, and shows take place. No matter what kind of event it is, one of the dynamics of this event is the audience if it is a spectacle. Of course, depending on this, the comfort and comfort of the audience turns into one of the issues that should be considered during the construction or arrangement of such areas.

What can be expected from a grandstand seat? Firstly, being comfortable. Being budget-friendly. Being long-lasting and, in this respect, high resistance to time, variable weather conditions, especially sun rays. When the subject is sports and competition, the institution of support becomes decisive. One of the important colors of the fans is the colors of the sports teams. The fact that the grandstand seats can be equipped with team colors that unite the fans and encourage the awareness and emotion of being fans adds another added value to them.

What Kind of Features Has a Grandstand Seating?


As we mentioned before, depending on the developments in the fields of chemistry and industrial chemistry, materials that promise long service life and colorfastness with the desired variable weather conditions and UV resistance have found the opportunity to be used while manufacturing grandstand seats. Sports hall or stadium tribune seats are produced in different categories according to their usage areas, raw materials, and branches. Various raw materials are used in the production of grandstand seats. We can count some of them as polypropylene, PVC, and plastic. Stadium seats with high UV resistance are also manufactured, especially in open areas, developed for places exposed to variable weather conditions and sun rays, which do not fade easily.

There is also artificial leather covering types of grandstand seats, which can be preferred in many of the public areas such as school lecture halls, some performance halls, and indoor sports halls. Of course, there are other factors that need to be taken into account regarding the seating groups to be used in spaces where crowded communities are gathered. Stadium seats or grandstand seats, of course, must be produced with durable materials. Because the intensive use of crowds causes economic losses by reducing the useful life otherwise.

In such public event venues, security concerns are also determinant in product preference. Considering the possibilities of fire or violence, it is required that the grandstand seats be in a structure that cannot be easily removed so that they cannot be affected by fire easily and are not used as a means of violence. Also, grandstand manufacturers had designed these products in order to show high resistance against uncontrolled crowd movements. For these reasons, grandstand seats can also be produced with high UV resistance, impact resistance, and fire retardant materials.

What Types of Grandstand Seating Are There?

We should also mention that there is diversity in terms of space design. Grandstand seats are used in areas where sporting events take place can be folded and manufactured in monoblock structures. In addition, there are different types with armrests and with backrest. Folding grandstand seats are very useful for hosting larger crowds in narrow spaces. You are able to check out Integral grandstand models for this. These folding seats provide a great advantage when the spectators settle in and leave the area. Especially in areas where the space limit is decisive. Furthermore, Integral which offers many diverse models in grandstand seats, promises long-lasting products as well as well-looking. This company creates an innovative path in this industry and therefore it has been exporting many products to many diverse locations all around the world such as the USA, Canada, France, Spain, the UK, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, and many others.


There are two main models in grandstand seats: Plastic tribune seats and grandstand seats. Since the grandstand seat models have a comfortable design, special raw materials are used to keep them strong against impacts. The grandstand seat, which promises comfortable use when hosting guests or parties, supports your spaces to look lively and modern. It is quite simple to create an eye-catching concept with the grandstand seat with different model alternatives. Produced with a design outside of the usual lines, these sofa types manage to satisfy their users due to their aesthetic stance. The grandstand seats, which are defined as lifetime and never compromise on durability and quality, are among the most suitable products that you can choose for your space, thanks to the raw materials and materials in the product structure.

The plastic tribune seat, carefully designed for colorful fans, with different colors and models, is suitable for safe use in your entire living space. Plastic tribune seats are less costly than other types of seats. The plastic tribune seat, which is offered to the market with an affordable price tag, is produced from special raw materials with very high impact resistance and originality of all of our grandstand seats. Scrap raw materials, weight-increasing filling materials, etc., which may cause physical and chemical problems in the product structure, are included in the raw material that we produce our grandstand seats. not available. A UV stabilizer is used in the raw materials used in all of our grandstand seats to prevent them from being adversely affected by outdoor conditions, and a colorant dye with a minimum lightfastness of 8 is used to prevent color fading.

All of Integral’s grandstand seats are connected at three points in order to spread the impact effect. There are metal inserts for reinforcement in the upper connection holes. All of their plastic tribune seats are TSE certified. If requested, they are able to produce their plastic tribune seats with flame retardant properties. It is much easier than you are thinking about creating a cozy and comfortable space with the help of the plastic tribune seats. You can benefit opportunity of grandstand costs that Integral Group offer to the clients.

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