Grandstand CONTAINER

Grandstand length can be produced from 4m. length up to 90m. according to capacity. Each module has 100 seats.

Grandstand Container

This model designed 4m. length modules.
Grandstand length can be produced from 4m.
Length up to 90m. according to capacity.
Each module has 100 seats. Standard versiyon has 8 rows.
Grandstand can be ordered without ceiling.
Snow Load starts from 75 kg/m2 up to 185 kg/m2 and all static calculations/material size can be calculated accordingly.
Grandstands are approved by TSE and CE

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All parts are hot dip galvanized.
Walkways 2/3 checkered steel plate,
galvanized produced.

Production is completed ​​in our factory included Containers. During the assembly, no intervention of cutting, welding etc. will be made for any of the galvanized parts, in order to not damage the galvanization and create the risk of corrosion. 500 seat capacity model is 32 m. length, has 2 pcs. 10 m. length and 1 12 m. length container. All containers are finished in our factory include flooring, ceiling, toilets, showers, plumbing, lightening, etc. Container length and interior design can be arranged according to client needs. Ceiling material is corrugated galvanized steel. Polycarbon panel as option All static calculations for the grandstand are according to TSE standards. Snow, wind and seismic loads are taken into consideration during the calculation. All used raw materials are certified and of a high quality.

Installation on site is completed with bolts and nuts, giving the possibility to disassemble and reassemble the grandstand. An explicit guide for installation is offered. The seats colored should be specified. For the standard colors, the price is included in the offer. For other desired color it is an extra cost.

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