Types of Stadium Grandstands and Features

Aug 26, 2021 | Genel

Do you want to watch a any live match? What about watching every moment of the match closely, experiencing that atmosphere and cheering from time to time?  Then meet with stadium grandstand that we produce.

As one of the grandstand manufacturers Integral Spor, we offer you a tremendous experience in our stadiums with a capacity of 10, 30 and 50 thousand seats. We sell them all over the world. Our products are FIFA and UEFA approved, from the seats to the lighting. There are also VIP, foldable and disabled grandstands in the stadium. We find a method according to your preferences and demands and help you with the grandstand cost.

Integral Spor and Stadium Grandstand

Stadiums are large structures that include various projects, especially football field, athletics track, social living areas and tribunes. In this context, stadiums preferred by professional sports clubs are a source of prestige for big clubs. Providing world-class service, Integral Spor builds stadiums of different capacities and sizes.

We, as Integral Spor, produce immovable stadium grandstand that live match needs. We try to bring people together with sports. These grandstands can be used for many sport events, particularly for use in sports competition. Integral Spor sells products to many foreign countries as well as Turkey. Thanks to its disciplined working perspective, unique and comfortable designs, Integral Spor meets the special demands of its customers. It offers fast production and installation. From time to time, it guides its customers and prepares products according to their demands and budgets. Working meticulously, even calculates snow, wind and earthquake loads and then produce stadium grandstand in international standards.


As the Integral Spor family, we want the spectators to be comfortable and enjoy the match. Therefore, we develop an innovative mindset to create quality grandstands. In Integral Sports stadiums;

  • Football fields are suitable for FIFA standards.
  • Athletics tracks are suitable for IAAF standards.
  • Steel tribunes with or without a high-strength roof are constructed.
  • 128 units of 2.000 Watt lighting system that allows live TV broadcasting in the evening is used.
  • Perimeter and scoreboard screens are constructed.
  • There are areas such as management offices, cafe, restaurant areas, changing rooms, fitness and sauna in the stadium.

Integral Spor, with its experienced installation team, builds stadium projects between 6-12 months according to the project country and delivers them to you. Contact us for more detailed information about our cost-effective stadium projects that impress with their design.

How to Construct a Stadium?

  1. Excavation work is carried out on the existing land, and the land is made ready for infrastructure works.
  2. Iron-reinforced concrete is poured for the grandstand infrastructure in stadiums where steel construction tribune will be built. The quality and thickness of the concrete varies according to the audience capacity and dimensions of the tribune to be built.
  3. A drainage system is made for the infrastructure of the football field. If a drained shockpad is used for the drainage system, it provides advantages in terms of gravel, drainage pipe and workmanship.
  4. For the athletics track infrastructure, steel mesh concrete is poured and asphalt is laid on it.
  5. Steel construction tribune manufacturing is carried out in the factory environment by performing all welding and painting or galvanizing works, and assembly works are carried out in the construction site environment. After the steel construction works are completed, the seat assembly is done.
  6. Sandwich system floor is made for the athletics track floor.
  7. Hybrid grass, synthetic grass or natural grass is used for the football field floor.
  8. For the lighting system, the required stadium lighting works are done by using galvanized coated poles.

Features of Stadium Grandstands

Integral Spor continues to offer stadium grandstands to its customers. They are classified in three ways as Stadium with a Capacity of 10.000 People and Stadium with a Capacity of 30.000 People and Stadium with a Capacity of 50.000 People.


Stadium with a Capacity of 10.000 Seats

  • Water drainage and football comfort are provided.
  • Grass application is made in FIFA standard.
  • An athletics track is created with the sandwich system.
  • Decorative grass material and workmanship of the area between the football field and the grandstand.
  • Football goal, corner post, benches, health club.
  • High-strength galvanized steel tribunes are installed.
  • VIP tribune area is created.
  • Aesthetic spare cabins with high strength are established.
  • Perimeter screens and score boards are installed.
  • There is 850 square meters of living space under the stands.

The construction of the stadium is completed within 6 months from the beginning of the project. This period includes all processes, including production, transportation and assembly.

>> More info for our 10.000 seats stadium <<

Stadium with a Capacity of 30.000 Seats

  • 20 rows of high-strength galvanized steel tribunes are constructed.
  • Roof system with snow, rain load and wind effect are calculated.
  • Construction and equipment has 3,620m2 living space.
  • Football goal, corner post, benches, health club.
  • Grass application is made in FIFA standard.
  • Athletics track is constructed with sandwich system.
  • There is VIP grandstand area.
  • Aesthetic spare cabins have high strength.
  • Perimeter screens and score boards are installed.
  • There is 50 square meters of living space under the stands.

>> More info for our 30.000 seats stadium <<


Stadium with a Capacity of 50.000 Seats

  • A football field is made using synthetic grass carpet.
  • Sandwich flooring is made by making an athletics track. It has a steel tribune with a capacity of 50,000 spectators.
  • Its lighting is installed with 128 units of 2.000 watt projectors.
  • Ground, drainage and filling operations are carried out for the field, runway and tribune infrastructures, respectively.

>> More info for our new 50.000 seats stadium <<

The Difference of Integral Spor

Integral Spor is a brand that has become famous with the quality and first-class service that it provides in international projects in recent years. Integral Spor, which has built sports facilities in more than 60 countries, has built stadium grandstands in many countries with its first class team and high quality product range.

The price of grandstands may differ because of the preferences. If you want to get information about details, you may contact us via integralgrandstand.com

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