Tribune Types Used in Sports Fields

May 24, 2021 | Genel

Tribune types used in sports fields for a sports field are considered one of the most important elements. What are the most important details about the stands designed for football, basketball, or other sports events? In this regard, you will provide the best quality solutions and learn which types of tribunes you can benefit from.

It will not make much sense to organize sports events without an audience. For this reason, the spectators should take their places in sports fields in a comfortable and high-quality way. Thus, they can continue to support their teams until the last minute of the match. So, how should the tribune seats, which will be preferred in the field where a sports activity will be held, be designed?

Our company, which provides the most special solutions related to sports fields, allows you to benefit from special options. Sports spectators can have a pleasant time with the seats designed by considering the usefulness and quality elements. If you want to direct your investment and benefit from success in this regard, you will be able to benefit from the seat types listed below with all their features.

Which Tribune Types Are There in Sports Fields?

Classical spectators come to mind when it comes to trıbune in sports fields. However, it should be mentioned that some people in the trıbune are called special. Moreover, the names of the tribunes in which these people take part are also different. Therefore, when designing sports fields, special areas are created for these tribunes.

You should take a closer look at the options that await you in sports fields, such as the press tribune and the honor tribune. For quality, high standards and special options, you should take advantage of the privileges offered by our company. Moreover, while taking advantage of this advantage, you should look at what kind of equipment is used in these trıbunes. Below we have compiled the tribune types for you!

  • Press-Tribune

The press tribune, as its name suggests, is the tribune where sports speakers and reporters sit. While all equipment to meet the needs of press members is placed in this tribune, a place that has a good view of the field is chosen. Because the press members want to analyze the match well in every sense to explain the game or write a matching article. In addition to this, the seats preferred for press members who stand still for long minutes are also very valuable.

The seats used for the press tribune are different from the classic audience seats. These seats, which are designed in a more comfortable and quality way, are fixed. Since the number of press members will not change, the ideal number and size are generally preferred for the announcers who take their place here. As well as the quality of the seats, there are also privileged options in terms of tables and connections.

A desk is also designed for members of the press to put their computers or keep their notepads. In this way, it is possible to offer a different solution from a classical tribune understanding. Thanks to this aspect that separates the press tribune from other tribune options, it is possible to meet the most basic needs of sports fields. Since it will not be possible to think of a sports field without a press tribune, our company gives place to very meticulous studies in this regard.

  • Tribune of Honor

The honor tribune is a luxuriously designed tribune where sports club presidents and managers sit. The most valuable aspect of these tribunes, which are positioned at the place that best sees the field, is that they provide comfortable solutions. For this reason, the seat options to be preferred when the honor tribune is mentioned are quite different.

The seats that will be preferred in the honor tribune are generally heated and suitable for the body structure. Because the people who will take place here are extraordinary. Ordinary seat selection causes the quality of the field to decrease and the prestige of the sports club to lose. Especially the honor tribune is the most striking place in a sports field. While sports clubs pay special attention to this place, they care about almost every detail, especially seat selection.

If you want to make a sports field investment, you should definitely take advantage of our special solutions related to the honor tribune. In this way, both the prestige of the sports club and the quality of the sports field are preserved.

  • VIP Tribune

We mentioned that there is a lot of variety in sports tribune. At this point, one of the striking alternatives is the VIP tribune. VIP tribune and honor tribune is generally used in the same sense. However, in some sports fields, VIP and honor tribunes are separated. So what are the differences between these two grandstand options?

It is not possible to talk about a difference between the two stands in terms of structure. For this reason, the seat type or comfort level to be preferred is the same. However, the fact that the tribunes are located at different points makes it necessary to mention a tribune called the VIP tribune. If you want to separate the VIP tribune and the honor tribune while making your investment, it is enough to send your request in this regard.

  • Disabled Tribune

Disabled tribunes are areas where disabled individuals can follow sports competitions. In this context, the disabled tribunes should be specially designed because it is impossible for the spectators who enter the field with wheelchairs to follow the competitions in the area where there is a seat. For this reason, this tribune, which is designed without a seat, should be designed correctly in terms of stairs.

If you want to invest in a sports field and do not know what kind of tribune to design while making this investment, you should take advantage of the unique options. By choosing one of the most valuable options for the disabled tribune, you will have the chance to benefit from valuable alternatives.

  • Tribune Without Seats

Some of the sports clubs resort to different practices for their fans to watch a more enjoyable match. In this context, it is a precious issue that the tribunes without seats are designed. It is possible to take more fans into the stadium by designing the tribunes without seats. You can also get the chance to benefit from the best quality options with this trıbune, which is ideal for fans who constantly follow their team standing in football competitions.

We recommend evaluating this alternative for your project by mentioning that the trıbune without seats is more advantageous in terms of cost. This system, which the German Football Club Borussia Dortmund especially applies, enables a quality tribune design. With this solution, you can get the chance to benefit from quality options.

Seat Options Used in Stadiums

The seat options used in stadiums may vary depending on the type of tribune and the project’s scope. For this reason, it is necessary to take a look at the following seat types to find out the details of which seats can be used in a stadium.

  • Plastic Fixed Seats

By choosing one of the fixed seat options, you can have the opportunity to design your project in a quality way. The stability of the seats may require more cleaning work. For this reason, a plastic fixed seat is generally preferred for open stands. It is not common to choose this alternative in closed trıbunes.

Another known features of fixed seats are that they do not cause any negative effects on human health. In this context, it will be straightforward to choose these seats. To design your project in a valuable way and benefit from quality without any problems, all you need to do is contact our company.

  • Plastic Folding Seats

Plastic folding seat options are considered as better quality seat alternatives. The most important feature that distinguishes these seats from others is that they provide a better quality of use. The fact that it can be folded, especially when not in use, allows this seat type to be preferred in different areas.

These seat options, which are generally used in closed stands, require less cleaning. Considering the quality of the material, no slightest option will adversely affect human health. Therefore, it manages to be a viable alternative for almost every project. If you want to take advantage of valuable options in your project, you should definitely contact us and act to prioritize quality. This allows you to get better quality options!

  • VIP Seats

The availability of different tribune options in the sports fields brings up various alternatives about what kind of excitement and experience people will experience while following the sports competition. In this sense, it will be necessary to mention that the most special tribune seat used in a sports field will be VIP seats. So, what are the features of VIP seats?

VIP seats are very advantageous in terms of comfort. For this reason, the audience can follow the sports competition for a long time without any discomfort. In addition, offering the seats with heated and cooled options allows the audience to have a quality experience. For the most accurate solutions, you should focus on VIP solutions in the audience seats.

Get in touch with us and open the door to the right alternatives in seat and trıbune options!

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