What is Elevated Bleacher?

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Bleachers are elevated structures that are specially produced for the fans to feel the environment of the activity and to see every detail about sports events such as matches. Many companies have started to work in this field in order for sports lovers to live this experience in the best way, and companies such as Integral group have become the pioneers of the sector. In this article, as Integral Grandstand, we will focus on elevated bleachers and try to explain why you should prefer us.

Elevated Bleacher Systems

In our daily life, we mostly encounter some of the bleachers but we even don’t recognize them. For example; whenever there is a school match at your school, it is possible for you to see high school football bleachers. These bleachers provide you a comfortable and enjoyable area. In the bigger areas or for bigger events, people or organizations tend to use luxury bleachers. These bleachers, in contrast, are much bigger than others and they are elevated in order to allow everyone to see the sports events. These tribunes, which are demountable and can be easily transported, are a quick solution both in emergencies and in sports events where the capacity is excessive. In that way, it is a very advantageous product.

Elevated Bleachers by Integral Grandstand

Being an expert in its field, Integral Grandstand offers 2 main bleacher types for its customers: steel tribune systems and portable bleachers. Let’s take a detailed look at these two products of Integral Group, which is both a manufacturer and an implementing company.

  • Steel bleacher systems


These bleachers are systems in which all of the carrier systems are produced from steel. It is resistant to earthquakes and the system can be designed in desired dimensions in open and closed areas. Before starting the process companies make the feasibility of the area and prepare a static report and the production is carried out in this direction. If needed, the steel bleachers can be dismantled and moved to another area and re-installed.

  • Portable bleacher systems

These systems are easy-to-carry and safe-to-use systems that are made of lighter parts. They can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly. In line with your demands, production can be made for a small show area or for a large stadium project. You can use it for many years in your indoor and outdoor organizations, either in parts or in whole, at different times and places. It is possible to mount all kinds of seats on the tribune platform, put a portable chair or use it as a bench. In addition, the platforms can be used for stage, podium and similar activities. It is possible to produce 5 row elevated bleachers, 10 row elevated bleachers or 15 row elevated bleachers according to your needs and preferences.

Elevated Bleacher Usage Areas

Elevated bleachers are generally designed and set up so that everyone can see the central point in events attended by many people. It can be used in football matches, stages, podiums, open air activities, theater play etc. As a leading elevated bleachers manufacturer, Integral Group produces and installs bleachers needed areas in line with the spectator capacity.

Elevated Bleachers Features

Undoubtedly, elevated bleachers have many advantageous features, allowing hundreds of people to experience the same excitement at the same time. We may list these features as follows;

  • Demountable Product

Elevated bleachers are modular systems. In the stands, the berth is at a height of 20 cm. The system is portable and carrier legs, connecting rods, connection apparatuses, riser elements are used in the system. All materials are used as demountable.

  • Portable


Materials that aggravate the system, such as concrete, mosaic, heavy steel, are not used. The materials to be used are light and portable due to the dismountable requirement of the system. Seats made of TSEK certified, FIFA standards, made of polypropylene, which are resistant to UV rays and mounted on a steel construction, are used in the seating area.

  • Comfortable Seatings

In the seating area, a seat with backrest resistant to external weather conditions is used, which is mounted on a steel construction, and the seats with backrests are mounted. The assembly is mounted in one piece to the steel construction with 2 screws. In that way, both a secure and comfortable area is created for the spectators.

How to Install Elevated Bleachers?

Elevated steel bleachers must be installed by an expert team. Although it is seen as a product with simple equipment at first glance, there is an increased risk of damage to many people if it is not installed well. For this reason, you should contact the company that you have preferred.

Where to Buy Elevated Bleachers?

The product must be manufactured and installed by a leading company. Thus, both life safety is ensured and a comfortable space is created. If you also want to have elevated bleachers for sale, you may contact us immediately or take a look at our website. If you wish, you can fill out the form below and create a request. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible and forward your requests to us. As Integral Grandstand, we are always beside you in all of the processes!

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