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As much as doing a sport, it is also enjoyable to follow that sport and participate in activities related to that sport. However, this pleasure should be experienced in a safe and comfortable environment. So how? Of course, thanks to the high-quality tribunes!

Best grandstand seats are one of the most important decorative units of venues such as sports fields, stadiums and hippodromes where spectator matches, competitions and shows take place. No matter what kind of event it is, one of the dynamics of this event is the audience. Of course, depending on this, the comfort of the audience turns into one of the issues that should be considered during the construction or arrangement of such areas. With the grandstand seating sale carefully produced and installed by Integral Grandstand, you can provide many people to watch the sport events in the best way.

Grandstand Seating Types

In addition to the quality of the raw materials, it also differs according to the area to be used. In the open area, in the place exposed to weather conditions, UV-resistant Tribune seats should be produced so that the colors do not fade due to exposure to sunlight. Apart from this, it should also be produced in the colors of the teams that are held or in vibrant colors indoors. If it is to be used on a football field, it must have 3 or 4 screw connections with high strength and resistance to disassembly.


This is a must in order not to cause any accidents in football fields where there are more fights and violence than a boxing match. Apart from this, modern, low-capacity halls and fields with backrests and collapsible spring models are preferred in places arranged for protocols. However, nowadays, the most preferred are fixed backless or backed models. Backless models are more affordable in price, but for those who prefer both comfort and convenience, there are also spring models with backrest and armrests or arm inserts.

If we mention the grandstand seating models produced and installed by Integral Group, we may say that there are several different categories: classic / plastic Backed and non-backed stadium seats, retractable stadium seats with metal construction. In addition to these types, Integral Group also have retractable and fixed, fabric, leather or vinyl coated VIP models and special models designed for telescopic stands. You may get further information about grandstand seating types by contacting Integral Grandstand, which is a grandstand seating sale company at home and abroad.


Grandstand Seating Features

The stadium and tribune seats produced by Integral Group have some advantageous features. We may list them as follows;

  • Bleacher grandstand is designed in the most orthopedic way. Even if one sit for hours in the same place, they can watch the activity without any pain or stiffness.
  • Plastic tribune seats are generally produced by injection and blow molding method.
  • Grandstand seating is very resistant to impacts, vandalism, extreme high and low weather conditions.
  • Stadium seats may also be placed in public areas in addition to places where sports competitions are held.
  • These products provide a comfortable and enjoyable time.
  • VIP stadium seats are for special visitors. These seats are reserved privately.

Where to Buy Grandstand Seating?


With the increase in sports activities and the flocking of many sports lovers to the stadiums, grandstand seating has gained importance. Offering a comfortable and safe space to sports lovers gives them a chance to enjoy sports. It is possible to see that many companies are working in this field, but a company should definitely not be preferred without research. It is in your best interest to choose a company with an experienced, expert team and quality products. Therefore, you can choose Integral Group and provide hundreds of people with a comfortable sports experience with quality products.

Grandstand Seating Prices

When we look at the prices of grandstands for sale, it is difficult to give clear price information. Capacity, selected product, product color, additional features requested by the customer may cause grandstand seating sale price changes. For this reason, you should contact the company that you have chosen.

Integral Group and Grandstand Seating

If you also want to have quality grandstand seating, you may contact us immediately or take a look at our website. If you wish, you can fill out the form below and create a request. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible and forward your requests to us. As Integral Group, we are always beside you in all of the processes!

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