Special Football Stands of Your Football Fields

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The success of an organization, whether it is commercial or public, depends on its efficiency. One of the most popular organizations in the world is a football match that relies on many different variables to be considered as successful. You may have the best location, grass, and the team but a stadium without comfortable and durable stands may ruin an organization that has been planned to be successful in commercial and public notions. Our company which has been in the market as a football stands manufacturer since 1994 offers you a successful arrangement for your audience who has fallen in love with your team.

Football Stadium Stands

As mentioned above, a field with excellent grass means nothing without football grandstands that will make your spectators happy along with the satisfaction you are supposed to have in terms of cost, maintenance, and lifespan. To fulfill your expectations, we have the stadium stands for sale that can be found as permanent or portable ones.

The Quality and The Efficiency


All of the materials utilized are verified and of excellent quality. Bolts and nuts complete the on-site installation, allowing the grandstand to be disassembled and reassembled. There is a step-by-step installation guide included. They are available in a variety of hues. All parts that we produce are hot-dip galvanized and walkways are made from 2/3 checkered steel plate, galvanized produced.

Football Bleachers Cost

When it comes to the football stands price the scale in the market fluctuates. So the most important question in your mind is not to be the money you will pay at once. The cost in your mind should be grounded on the aspects like the material used, the installation quality, the maintenance needs, etc. We provide you with the best quality and service. Because all of the production takes place at our facility, no cutting, welding, or other forms of intervention will be done during the assembly of any of the galvanized pieces in order to avoid damaging the galvanization and increasing the danger of corrosion. The static calculations of football stadium bleachers are done in accordance with international norms. During the computation, snow, wind, and seismic loads are all taken into account.


Grandstand Containers

Our company policy and production plan have been constructed on customer satisfaction. Hence, you can find different football stands for your fields or stadiums. One of them is grandstand containers. The length of a grandstand can range from 4 to 90 meters. In terms of capacity, the conventional version of each module contains 100 seats in 8 rows. Furthermore, football stadium stands without a ceiling can be ordered. Snow load ranges from 75 kg/m2 to 185 kg/m2, with all static calculations performed by professionals in respective disciplines. Grandstands containers are made to international standards and have CE certificates.

Your Team, Your Dream

Our designers can create custom spectator stands to match any existing stands on your property. Design and consulting are essential not only for new stadium construction projects but also for ground upgrades at existing stadiums. Our experts will make certain that the finished football stands blend in seamlessly with your current facilities. Our designers will construct a stadium stands design that matches your practical and aesthetic objectives, based on their nearly 30-year experience in the sector. Allow our design and consulting team to assist you in realizing your idea by picturing your project from beginning to end.

To conclude, we, as one of Turkey’s largest football stand manufacturers, provide building and maintenance services for football stadium bleachers that are a mirror of your goals in terms of quality and experience. Our organization also provides metal structure construction services. Every project involves tribune design, demolition, foundation, and all parts construction. Click and get a free quote online in less than 24 hours.

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