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Integral Spor has the team and experience to build turnkey sports bleachers in every region of the world. The cost of field construction varies according to the size of the field and whether it is closed or open. sports Bleachers; It can be used for short-term purposes in all kinds of organizations, as well as for long-term purposes in any field with a target audience. Telescopic hall is a small and convenient collapsible portable tribune made of interlocking modular structure, used in indoor multi-purpose sports fields or outdoors in the new age. Telescopic tribune systems started to be built to save space. Depending on its size, the desired seat model can be mounted on the carrier’s system. You can set up your sports halls according to the criteria you want by the sports stand manufacturers. Outdoor Astroturf Tribune; We carry out all the operations including the installation, construction, reinforced concrete and steel construction of portable or fixed tribunes for turnkey tribunes. Outdoor carpet pitch construction varies according to the materials to be used. There are many factors such as the quality of artificial turf, the materials from which the bleachers are made and their quality. The cost of the carpet pitch is also a factor that greatly affects the price. Generally, 1500 square meters’ areas with ideal dimensions of 30×50 meters are preferred. Indoor Tribune; we do all the operations of the portable or fixed carpet racks for indoor carpet spaces, including assembly, project, reinforced concrete and steel construction, on a turnkey basis.


All the Bleachers and Bleachers we produce for the stadium are in assembly, project design, reinforced concrete and steel construction, and we carry out our barber works on a turnkey basis. Let’s look at the advantages of indoor pitches:

  • It has a high economic return as it opens its doors to general activities.
  • Many sports branches such as fitness, cross fit, yoga can be done at the same time.
  • In the interior of these halls, there are structures such as changing rooms, showers, toilets, cafeterias.
  • It has the features of quality, flexibility, compliance with standards and durability.
  • Floor covering materials such as parquet, PVC, rubber is preferred.
  • Athletes are protected with the flexibility of the floors in the sports hall and the protection cushions around the field.
  • The floors of the hall are waterproof, oil-proof, pressure-resistant and resistant to abrasion.
  • Indoor sports halls can be easily cleaned and do not need maintenance for a long time.
  • Indoor sports halls can provide 24/7 service in all climatic conditions.

Sports Facilities Regulation

  • Hot running of shower water for those working in the halls
  • The floors in the indoor halls are made of wood, parquet, chipboard, carpet and similar non-slip materials that are easy to clean, and the floors in the open halls are made of grass, asphalt, concrete and similar materials.
  • Necessary measures have been taken against possible disasters.
  • The absence of factors that will endanger the health of the athletes while working in the hall.
  • Having enough material for all athletes to use.
  • Sound insulation should be done in order to prevent the noise in the event from creating noise pollution.
  • Measures should be taken to protect the life safety of disabled people and athletes.

Sports Bleachers Prices

After preparing the bleachers, if you wish, the production and assembly teams come and set them up on your site. Tribune prices vary depending on many factors. From the material it is made to, even the sports hall for which it is made is one of the factors affecting the price. After you have your sports hall built for the type of sport you want, you can buy ready-made tribunes of various kinds, such as football for sale, baseball for sale, indoor or outdoor bleachers for sale, portable for sale, aluminum tribunes for sale. In this way, after giving a general and brief information, we can design two types of bleachers for you as integral sports. We present you as standard steel and Container Model Steel tribune. Let’s examine the details.


1. Standard Steel Tribune:

  • This tribune made of steel does not rust.
  • You don’t need to maintain for a long time.
  • Since these tribunes are easily demountable, you can move them wherever you want.
  • The number of mobile spectators that the Bleachers can carry is at least 300 – 400 kg.
  • The wind speed it can withstand is at least 100 – 130 km/h.
  • The wind load it can carry is at least 50 – 100 kg
  • These Bleachers are frequently preferred and used for shows, events, etc.
  • We are sports bleachers manufacturer which is produce steel tribune with a capacity of 30,000 people.
  • We can adjust the length and width according to your request.
  • It is useful in all four seasons.
  • All of the steel tribunes are produced in accordance with international standards.

2. Container Model Steel Tribune:

  • They have a length of at least 4 meters. They can be increased upon request.
  • They can be made open or closed.
  • Snow load is 75-210 kilograms.
  • The capacity to receive attendees can vary from 200 to 5,000.
  • Consists of 4,8,12 rows
  • European approved.
  • Snow, wind, seismic loads have been tested.
  • If you wish, it can be designed in accordance with vital activities such as changing rooms and showers.

You can fill out the form below for detailed information and free price information. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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