Advantages of Portable Bleachers

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Portable bleachers are used both indoors and outdoors, such as in lecture halls of schools, volleyball and basketball courts, and in the stands of sports fields or arenas. Our company does the installation of outdoor portable bleachers and indoor portable bleachers quickly, and also quickly disassembles them for you when you want to remove them from the place. Integral Spor, assembles portable grandstands from quality materials and in the cheapest way.

Welding is not done because it is completely portable, it is a very light system as no concrete or heavy steel is used, and you can easily relocate whenever you want. Since it has a portable feature, welding is not performed. Connection is provided by interlocking these products. Thus, the material is used in a light and portable way.

It is also called portable aluminum bleachers because a stainless and light material such as aluminum is used.

Features of Portable Bleacher


Portable tribunes have functional features such as comfortable, light, portable, and also many different features.

  • During the installation phase, no special flooring is applied to the session part.
  • Our company manufactures the desired height and dimensions in layers.
  • Although the height of the sitting area is usually set to be 45 cm, we adjust it to the desired height. You can also find your seat preference.
  • We carry out the assembly without having to worry about inclined floors.
  • Since a wooden 10-12 mm thick material is used on the platform, it is highly immune to all kinds of moisture, dirt, acid, and water. Optionally, we can use different materials.
  • The dimensions of the wood on the walkway vary according to the project. The interlocking method is used without the use of welding.
  • The tribune is surrounded by steel construction and a railing system is used to ensure safety. The use of steel material extends the product life by at least 10-15 years.
  • Thanks to the detachable steel construction locking system, the possibilities of sabotage or theft are eliminated. In addition, by calculating the static and dynamic load of the turbine with the locking system, the safety of the sitting audience is ensured.

Advantages of Aluminum Material Used in Portable Bleachers

There are many reasons why aluminum is generally used in portable stands.

  • Compared to steel materials, its density is lower and its strength is higher. It is lighter than steel.
  • It is one of the rare structures that can easily take the desired shape after heat treatments.
  • Compared to steel, it is more resistant to corrosion.
  • While the recycling rate of aluminum is over 90%, the recycling rate of steel does not exceed 5%. With this aspect, it is an environmentally friendly material.
  • Its cost is low. Minimizing the wastage of structural area will result in a decrease in the cost by minimizing the construction cost by enlarging the usable area.

Quality and Economical Grandstand for Sale


Did you know that some companies sell used turbines for sale? If you don’t know, the first rule you need to do is to do thorough research and meet the world-renowned Integral family, which has portable bleachers for sale. You can give our company the opportunity to install high quality and cheap turbines for sale. Integral Group, which is among the leading companies in the world, has no doubt that our turbines, which have passed the conformity tests, will reach you as soon as possible by our expert team, in line with your wishes. Also, portable bleachers for rent can also apply to our company.

Where to Buy Portable Bleachers?

The Integral Group designs and manufactures high-quality and durable fixed or portable tribunes for indoor and outdoor spaces and quickly installs them. Our company has installed giant turbines with 500, 2.000, 5.000, 30.000 and 100.000 seats in various parts of the world. We would like you to know that the cost varies when installing the turbines of the desired size and size. Roofed or unroofed turbines or single-story or multi-story turbines often affect the cost. In addition, the multitude of materials used and the use of unnecessary space will increase the cost. We perform the installation of fixed and portable turbines in line with the wishes of our customers. Portable turbines are preferred in many areas because they are more functional.

Our company, which is among the world leaders, offers you quality portable turbines at affordable prices. If you want us to provide both comfort and life safety in, you can buy portable bleachers contact us or visit our website. No doubt that we can support you at every stage from production to installation of portable folding bleachers.

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