Grandstand Installation and Cost

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As a company which offers quality products and has an experienced team, Integral Spor provides its customers grandstands, also.

What Is Grandstand?

Grandstand is the main stand, which is usually roofed. It provides the best view for spectators at racecourses or sports grounds. It can be installed in many types and sizes according to preferences and budget of the customer.

Integral Spor and Grandstand Types

As Integral Spor, we give importance to sports and customer satisfaction. For this reason, we combine these two elements. We produce products, which are made of steel and strengthened by galvanized hot-dip method. These products do not rust and do not need maintenance for a long time. One of these products is grandstands. Let’s get information about them.

  • Grandstand installation is practical and fast. It can be easily assembled and dismantled. If desired it can be moved to another place.
  • The mobile spectator load that grandstands can carry is at least 300 – 400 kg/m2.
  • The wind speed range that grandstands can withstand is at least 100 – 130 km/h.
  • The wind load range that grandstands can carry is at least 50 – 100 kg/square meter.
  • Grandstands are frequently used in schools, show areas, ceremonial areas, sports areas and stadiums.
  • The width, length and height dimensions of grandstands are flexible and can be customized upon request.
  • Grandstands are resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions and can be used in all seasons.
  • All of the grandstands are produced in international standards and have TSE and CE certificates.
  • They can be installed according to size and type desired by the customer.
  • There are two main grandstand types. They are steel grandstand and container model grandstand.

Grandstand Types and Their Features

  • Steel Grandstand

Built from 3 meters to 90 meters in length, steel grandstands can be produced with or without a roof. The snow load is 75 – 210 kilograms per square meter. The audience capacity can vary from 200 to 5,000. They can be in 4, 8 or 12 row seating arrangement. Snow, wind and seismic loads have been tested. All the grandstands by Integral Spor have been approved by TSE and European product regulations (CE).


  • Container Model Grandstand

Container model grandstands have a minimum length of 4 meters and they can be increased as needed. Being produced with or without a roof, their snow load is 75 – 210 kilograms per square meter. The audience capacity can vary from 200 to 5,000. Snow, wind and seismic loads have been tested. Galvanized hot-dip method is used in all sections. All steel structure is coated with galvanized hot dip. Thanks to these features, they are durable.  Living areas equipped with changing rooms, showers and WC can be designed according to special demands. They have been approved by TSE and European product regulations (CE). Container model grandstand installations are quite easy if made by professionals. 

Grandstand Installation

For grandstand installation, we recommend you to work with a professional company which has customers at home and abroad. If the company is qualified enough, the features and quality of the grandstand will be better and its installation will take less time. We, as a grandstand manufacturer, are ready to inform you about grandstand installation whenever you wish.

Grandstand Cost


Have you decided to install a grandstand? Then, the thing you will wonder about will be the grandstand cost. The grandstand cost may vary according to the design and style chosen by the customer. It depends on the requirements, preferences, demands and budget. If you want to have a grandstand with modern design, high capacity and quality products, then the cost will be high. But don’t worry because Integral provides comfort at affordable prices for you.

For the price, one of the important elements is the capacity of the grandstand. Because the most popular grandstands are often used in sports halls and they need more capacity. But if you want to get specific information about the cost, it would be better for you to contact a sales representative of a grandstand manufacturer. Because there are other different factors that affect the cost, also.

Grandstands by Integral Spor

As one of the leading grandstand manufacturers, we produce quality grandstands for our customers considering their needs, preferences and budget. If you want to contact us and ask us questions about the grandstand, you may visit us in our office or you can get information through our well-designed website. Ready to explore? We are with you at every step!

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