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One of the specialties of Integral Grandstand, which always aims to provide the highest quality service to its customers, is stadium and stadium seats. Integral Grandstand, with its experienced installation team, builds stadium projects and pays attention to install best stadium seats in it in order to provide a comfortable place for sport-lovers.

Stadium Seats by Integral Grandstand

One of the leading stadium seating manufacturers, Integral Grandstand is ready to offer you its stadiums for 2000 seats, 3000 seats, 4000 seats, 5000 seats stadium. Also we can produce 10.000 seats stadium, 30.000 seats stadium and 50.000 seats stadium. And in order to make this number of people comfortable, it prepares stadium seats.  But is that all about the seats? Of course, not! Let’s get further information on them together!

stadium seat cost

Stadium seats are products that are installed in common areas. These products, which are generally located in the areas where sports competitions are held, allow you to spend a comfortable and enjoyable time in that environment. These seats are reserved privately and they should provide a fairly comfortable seating position for the person. In addition, the dimensions of the stadium seats for the stands should be suitable for the area in question.

General Features of Stadium Seats

Produced in open areas, stadium seats are resistant to UV rays so that the colors do not fade when exposed to weather conditions and sun rays. The seats are produced in vivid colors based on clip colors or in special requested colors. It is made with 3 or 4 screw connections, with high strength and resistance to disassembly. Stadium seat types vary according to their sitting styles. In places where protocols are held, in very modern, low-capacity halls and stadiums, collapsible (folding), backed, spring seating models are used. These increase viewing pleasure while providing comfort. If even more comfort is desired, armrests and sleeves can be added to these models. Today, the most preferred types are fixed backless or backed models. Backless seats are more affordable. It is applied very frequently, especially in gyms and portable stands.

The fact that stadium seating’s have armrests will provide comfort to people who will spend a long time in the area. There are many different color options for stadium seats. These seats can optionally be covered with leather or fabric. The type of fabric preferred in the upholstery phase and the quality of this type are also of great importance.

Dimensions of Stadium Seats

Integral Grandstand has been producing and installing best stadium seats for many years. These seats are UV protected against sunlight and they are produced in bright and neon color tones. On the other hand, drainage gaps are made to prevent the formation of puddles on the seats. They are produced with a special design so that the stadium seats do not come into contact with the hand. Produced from different materials such as plastic or leather, protocol stadium seats draw attention with their folding feature. They are produced using fire-resistant and fire-retardant materials and with or without back support. There is no rust and wear on the stadium seats made of metal.

best stadium seats

The dimensions of stadium seats may vary according to the needs of the person. If we need to give some details about this, we can say that the dimensions of the seats without backrest and without back support are 44 cm x 38 cm x 13 cm. If the back support is added to the product, these dimensions are calculated as 43.5cm x 45cm x 34cm.

Stadium Seating Cost

There are some factors that affect the stadium seat cost. These factors may vary according to the stadium seating company that is chosen. In addition, the materials used in stadium manufacturing have a great influence on the stadium seat cost.

If you are looking for high quality long-lasting stadium seat options with a stylish and aesthetic appearance, you can take a detailed look at stadium seats by Integral Grandstand. In order to have more detailed information about these various models and for the best stadium seats, all you need to do is to examine our brand’s website comprehensively and then contact us for stadium seat cost if there are products that interest you. To get the best stadium seats 2021, we kindly invite you to meet with quality! Buy a stadium seat and make your audience comfortable!

For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

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