Turnkey Stadium Construction Projects

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Stadium construction is a professional job which should be carried out and delivered by professional workers. It consists of several steps that needs to be followed strictly to have the desired project at the end.

Building a stadium requires a process and this process should be completed by experts. Therefore, our recommendation to you is to work with an experienced company that has delivered turnkey stadium construction projects to its customers and gained trust in this sector with their hard work and detailed approach.

In this article, we will go into detail of turnkey stadium building projects and which companies give this service to you. We invite you to keep on reading to find out more.

How to Choose the Company to Work with?

cost to construction a stadium

We mentioned that there are certain stages of construction to build a quality stadium. We will inform you about which steps to follow in stadium construction process so that you can have a clearer idea about this process. The first thing you should do is to find a company that delivers turnkey construction service to their customers. Finding a reliable company is easier when you get more information about the previous works of the brand.

View the company’s website to see their completed and delivered projects. You can also contact them to ask to inform you more about their works and services they provide. It would also be a great opportunity to learn how their customer support system works. It is no doubt that an effective customer support system is a plus while deciding on a brand to work with.

Stadium Construction Process

After finding a suitable company, the process continues with stadium construction project plan. The customer shares the specifications with the expert team, stadium construction details are all settled. The expert team analyzes the place in detail to check if it is suitable for the upcoming work. If it is suitable, they create a visual representation of the stadium and share it with the customer.

They decide on some points such as the number of seats, the extra features such as ceilings, the types of seats like folded ones or seats with backs or backless seats, and color of the bleachers.

The professional team starts building the grandstand by preparing the subbase of the chosen area with excavation work, then continues with the steel work and installing a proper drainage system. The asphalt is poured to the ground. After that, the stadium is built and the seats selected by the customer are added to the stadium, the surface is covered with the suitable material and extra features are added. Illumination of the stadium is covered in the last step and the stadium construction is done!

Our expert team takes care of each project meticulously and delivers them exactly as it was decided on the detailed plan. We build a variety of grandstands and manufacture quality bleachers. Installing any type of sports stadium is our specialty.

Turnkey Stadium Construction

This whole section is dedicated to informing you about stadium types we build. We listed them according to specific properties they got. You can view the table below to see them in detail.

Number of seatsSurface Type*DimensionsCost
5.000 SeatsArtificial turf, hybrid turf and natural grass for football fields

Sandwich flooring system for athletics track ground
64m – 75m in width

105m – 120m in length for standard stadium sizes
Depends on the project
10.000 SeatsArtificial turf, hybrid turf, and natural grass for football fields

Sandwich flooring system for athletics track ground
64m – 75m in width

105m – 120m in length for standard stadium sizes
Depends on the project
30.000 SeatsArtificial turf, hybrid turf, and natural grass for football fields

Sandwich flooring system for athletics track ground
64m – 75m in width

105m – 120m in length for standard stadium sizes
Depends on the project

*The products that can be used for covering the surface are Super C, Super V, Hybrid Turf, Monoturf, Exclusive, Powergrass, Duograss, Non-Infill. Super V complies with the standards of FIFA.

What Do We Offer to You?

stadium types

As a company highly experienced in building grandstands and manufacturing comfortable seats attached to the stadiums, our aim to make everyone’s life easier with the systems we release into the market.

We want quality to be the first word that should come into the minds of our beloved customers when they think about our company and our services. Supplying best grandstands built by using best quality raw materials, we have been a leading company in this industry with years of experience.

We started our journey in 2015 and continuing to add on more and more each day by never ceasing to develop our services to meet your expectations. Please contact us to learn cost to construction to a stadium.

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