Whether it’s a sports project or a landscaping project for your backyard, the first thing you should do is find out about synthetic turf suppliers or manufacturers online or locally. You may not be able to find a supplier near you or even in your country. Most of the artificial turf suppliers are located in Europe and Asia. Integral weed is one of them located in Turkey and may have a distributor or showroom near you.

Request a special quote including sub-materials. If you need basic help before laying your artificial turf, Integral Grass will help you with detailed information and drawings.

You may also need help installing the sod and subbase preparation. Ask artificial turf suppliers for a quote. Integral grass will give you the full cost of the system with installation and shipping. Transportation and customs clearance of materials can also be costly. It is always wise to inquire about freight and customs charges before ordering equipment in a foreign country. Because they can exceed your budget. On top of that, a local importer can offer you a better price than the import.

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