What is Telescopic Tribune and Cost

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Tribune… What comes to your mind about this word? Standard tribunes? So, let’s introduce you to a new type of tribune. Because we, as Integral Grandstand, have been offering a different service, also and we have become one of the leading telescopic tribune manufacturers at home and abroad. With the affordable telescopic tribune prices, we are waiting for you!

What Is a Telescopic Tribune?

Telescopic tribune is a type of small and practical portable tribune. Consisting of interlocking modular structure, it is used especially in multi-purpose indoor sports halls. Telescopic tribune systems have been started to be made in order to save space. Depending on its size, the desired model can be mounted on the carrier system. Our company, which closely follows the technological developments, can manufacture telescopic tribune seating or in other words retractable bleacher seating. This mobile sitting group, which has many advantages, can be folded. In addition, it can be operated manually as well as controlled by a remote control. There are also handrails on the sides of the telescopic tribunes, which are a complicated system in terms of hardware. It is produced with a minimum of 36 seats, and there are also ones with 10.000 seats.

telescopic tribune cost

Telescopic tribunes offer the ideal solution to increase the flexibility of a space. You can use your spaces in a versatile way by moving the platforms with a locked mechanism that are stacked on top of each other. It allows you to seat the maximum number of people when the platforms are open, and to make maximum use of the space when they are closed. It takes no more than a few minutes for the telescopic tribune system to fully open and close back. It is possible to do the on-off operation either manually or with the remote control.

Why Should You Choose Telescopic Tribunes?

Portable retractable seating can be chosen because of its advantageous features. Let’s try to figure out why you should choose them.

  • It provides multipurpose space use.
  • Optimum use of installed space is possible.
  • It has variable seat options.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It requires low maintenance-repair cost.

What Are the Usage Areas of Telescopic Tribunes?

Telescopic tribune system is a closed platform construction system and it can be used in large-sized buildings such as sports halls, exhibition areas and concert halls.

What Are the Advantages of Telescopic Tribunes?

telescopic tribune

  • Platforms in the telescopic tribunes are used to serve the maximum number of viewers when in open mode, to make maximum use of the space in closed mode. It is a big advantage because it can be used for two purposes.
  • Electric motor systems are used to move large capacity telescopic platforms and can be controlled by remote control. Small-capacity telescopic platforms can be moved back and forth manually, thanks to the special wheeled rail mechanism.
  • Telescopic platform systems can be opened and closed in a very short time. Thanks to the system consisting of a practically interlocking modular structure, you can transform the existing space into a conference room in seconds or turn your platform into a multi-purpose hall structure such as a gallery or foyer area.
  • Depending on its size, the desired model can be mounted on the carrier system.

Telescopic Tribune Cost

If you want to install a telescopic tribune, you must get information about telescopic tribune cost. Because according to the size, model and features, the telescopic tribune price may vary. We produce all kinds of devices, equipment and tribunes that can be used for the production of telescopic tribunes in accordance with national and international standards. You may contact us and get this quality service!

For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible.

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