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Apr 16, 2021 | Genel

Grandstand is the area that is extremely important for sports competitions and enables the fans to be in the field of sports. Almost all sports events are held in the presence of an audience. At the same time, they should be placed appropriately and close enough to the pitch, ring or platform. The seats on the grandstand are placed in ascending rows so that the spectators sitting in the front do not interfere with the appearance of the actions in the arena behind the occupants. In this context, the grandstand is exactly the arrangement of the audience seats.

Sports fields are rectangular for most sports, except weightlifting and boxing, which are square arenas. Basically, spectator seats can be placed on the longitudinal sides of the playing area, with a square boxing pitch for weightlifting on all sidjes and only on one side.
In many sports, players move in different directions and along the longitudinal direction of the playing field. Therefore, it is difficult to follow the game from the end of the pitch, which develops mainly along the line of sight. The only exception is tennis sport.

The layout for most sports games such as football, basketball and volleyball is almost the same. Locations at the ends of the pitch for the game are recommended only for a large number of spectators. This primarily applies to grandstands where athletics and football competitions take place. A circular treadmill look is desirable for athletics. This is especially true when running long and medium distances. However, for watching football, it is recommended to place the stands at the center line of the field, even if the spectator seats will be much further away than the seats at the end of the football field.

Best Grandstand for Basketball

If a hall is especially made for basketball, the stands are located on the side / end lines. In this case, there is not much difference compared to other stands. The only inconvenient place is behind the structure holding the crucible. If the games for handball and mini football games take place in the hall, then the stands are a little further away from the playing area. This time it is better to sit in the front rows and behind the backrests.

Best Grandstand Seats


High quality grandstand seating is produced within our company for stadiums and other sports facilities. Our products have a convenient design, easy to install and maintain. Thanks to the four-point connection, the plastic stand seat can be mounted on any surface. These are accompanied by detailed instructions for assembly and operation.
Our seats have a water drainage system and seat numbering is also provided. All products are tested for strength, durability and wear resistance. Plastic stadium seats are made of materials that slow down the burning process and provide protection from ultraviolet rays. You can choose the color you want before your orders.

Grandstand Seat Features

There are several features of grandstand seats. It is possible to list the mentioned features and the advantages they provide as follows.

  • Its ergonomic shape provides convenience in transportation and storage.
  • In addition to outstanding ergonomics, the grandstand seats have advanced anti-vandal features thanks to the double backrest.
  • These seats have been created based on extensive experience and stadium seating examples for sporting events of all levels and classes.

We control the quality of our seats at all stages of delivery, from project development and production to installation. Depending on the chemical and industrial changes and developments, there may be differences in the techniques used in the production of the grandstand seats. In this context, while manufacturing the seat, the desired weather conditions and UV resistance can provide a long service life.
The general usage areas of stadium grandstand seats and sports hall seats may vary according to raw materials and branches. In this sense, it should be stated that various raw materials are used in the construction of the grandstand seats. Some of the raw materials are in the form of PVC, polypropylene and plastic.

Grandstand sports seats, which will be used especially in open air, should be protected from bad weather conditions and sun rays. This includes the production of high quality seats that do not fade in color, have high UV resistance and are developed for outdoor use.

Grandstand seats are preferred in many areas of use such as lecture theaters of schools, various show halls and indoor sports halls. It is known that the grandstand seats preferred in these areas are produced by means of coatings such as artificial leather covers. In addition to these, the seats need to be obtained from durable materials. Because if the seats, which will be used extensively by many people, are not durable, their service life will be extremely short. Security concern is also a determining factor in the choice of products in places with collective events. Considering the grandstand incidents such as violence or fire, the seats in question should be easily extinguished, not easily removable and uncontrolled in a structure that does not carry impact resistance in order not to catch fire easily and not to be used as a means of violence.

How to Build a Good Grandstand?

grandstand seating

The basic rule of all sports competitions, especially football, is that the fans are in the sports area. For over 100 years, fans can watch what is happening on the field in a completely different way. This is due to the development of the stands in the best way possible.

Today, the most important task of stadium managers is to create a perfect home environment for the fans of their teams on the sports fields. This will not only increase the number of fans, but also support your team and motivate the players. A clear understanding of the dynamically changing needs and demands of the fans is crucial to creating a sports field that can immerse you in the atmosphere of the sporting competition, that will provide maximum commercial benefit from the functionality of the modern stadium and, finally, the most favorable return on investment.

Typically, stadiums are considered important milestones as historical buildings that summarize the urban skyline in their innovative form and are built with this awareness. Stadiums play a special role for residential and commercial purposes, combining multifunctional complexes on the territory on which they are built.

An initiative to develop the conceptual framework of a stadium is preferred by a sports club or a public agency (for example, a government body on a municipal, regional or national scale). The prerequisites for building a new stadium can generally be as follows.

  • Expanding a football club, creating an area to host big events,
  • The desire of the sports club to have your own national stadium.

Each of these scenarios implies different and sometimes uncertain timelines for the implementation of the project phase related to the development of the conceptual framework. Due to the high technical complexity of implementing a project such as stadium construction, it is important to involve various technical experts and staff with relevant experience at the right time and at different stages of the project. The competent organization of the process will ensure not only the construction stages within the timely budget and in accordance with the established standards and set goals, but also the sustainable development of a new object in the long run.

Portable Grandstands

Portable grandstands, also referred to as modular grandstands, are a perfect solution for both multidisciplinary halls and stadiums. Because these structures are made of galvanized steel that is insensitive to atmospheric corrosion. Portable grandstands, which have a modular structure, allow the stands to change their capacity to adapt to the demands of certain matches, meetings or other events.

Portable grandstand system can be removed very easily. However, it can also be used in a fixed way. In terms of capacity, the ratio between width and depth and height and width is also in a form that can meet the needs in the best way. It is possible to build 3 to 53 rows of seats, following the safety rules. In general, the height of the steps is 20 cm as standard. However, it can be 30 cm on request.

Modular grandstands consist of classical prefabricated elements. Mounting is done with simple locking and self-locking elements to ensure complete safety of the assembly without screws or bolts. The assembly / disassembly of these grandstand systems is easy and fast. In addition, each assembly is calculated verifying the general behavior of the structure. This calculation; total weight at maximum load, wind effect, nature of the terrain, etc. It is made taking into account the criteria.

Normal basic dynamic pressure of modular grandstand products is 0.47 kN / m2. Such a construction allows fans to use the grandstand with a dynamic increase coefficient of 1.25 to 1.50 of the maximum load. Finally, 100% of these types of assembly components are recyclable. Regular maintenance of the turbines, which is also very useful in terms of maintenance, will increase their useful life. You can reach us on our site for your projects and get support from our experts.

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