Where the Steel Stands Are Used? Watch Football Games in the Field!

Dec 2, 2019 | Genel, Tribune varieties

Watching a match is a great pleasure; especially if you are watching the match of your favorite team. If you are watching it on a stand instead of from a television, it will be one of the greatest moments of your life. On the one hand, the audience watching the match of the team they love also improve their sense of socialization. As the technology develops, the quality and architectural structure of the stadiums are made more special. Especially watching matches in stadiums of professional clubs is another good excitement. Football is not just a sport. It is the best way of socializing, loyalty and establishing a brotherhood. Although football is sometimes used by some people and groups for mean purposes, players and sports lovers are not deceived by that. Loving, following and doing sports is very important for the quality your life. Football is a sport that has the greatest number of fans in the world. Masses follow sports, strengthen the bonds of friendship, adrenaline, and color their lives. Football fields can have different sizes and features according to their size and structure. The area where football is played is called the football field and the multi-storey sections around which football lovers sit are called stands. The stands can be made in different materials and shapes. In general, the stands can be made by placing seats on concrete. Recently, companies have started to focus on the construction of both portable and powerful stands. The stands are usually made in rows, and there are seats in each row. In a stand, seats are usually made for one person. Although the standard size of the production can be made in special sizes. In the areas where the stands are high, railings are usually used at the front. The railing prevents the viewers from falling from high grounds and prevents accidents. Today, the construction of the stands has become a sector that requires highly professional engineering. Recently, steel structures are being used more because of the strength of steel and its being more resistant against concrete. The same situation began to gain speed in the construction of the grandstands. One should not forget that; The stands are used not only for football fields, but also for concert events, basketball, shows, F1 racing, handball, fashion, panels, shows, tennis and many more areas.

What Are the Features of the Seats on the Stands?

  • A stand seat must be strong and resistant to impacts. It should not be broken or crushed even if it is thrown from high.
  • There should not be any cracking or breaking due to materials such as hard balls, money and pieces of metal that may come from the outside.
  • Every person’s weight is different, sometimes people are overweight and sometimes light weight. Seats should not break carrying up to 140 kilograms. If the seat is cracked, it must be replaced to avoid damaging others.
  • Seats that must be resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and be tested before. The weather conditions can be extremely cold or hot, and the seats should not be damaged. A seat must be able to withstand -30 degrees.

It is possible to come across different stand seat models. Seats are generally manufactured according to the colors of the club. When you look at the stadiums you will see a colorful image of this beautiful image that the grandstand seats offer. Both the telescopic or portable stand have to be robust and durable. Steel stands, which are not affected by the weights and which do not present any danger of collapse, are among the most used ones. In some stadiums, the seats are foldable. Tribune seats are designed to be foldable for match lovers to reach their places easily.

Steel stands are more durable than concrete ones and they have different designs. If you want to have a steel stand, you need to do a thorough research beforehand. Too many people can lose their lives and become disabled if the grandstand is not made of high quality and solid. The stands that collapse around the world are considerable. The most obvious reasons for this are the improper installation of the stands and the poor material quality.

There are many steel stand manufacturers. But we strongly recommend you to work with steel stand manufacturers who have made a lot of steel stands with strong references and use good materials. The fans will jump on the bleachers and express their joy. The stands must be resistant to excessive jumps and mobility. The grandstands should not be affected by rain and should not rust. Rusted stands wear down and create a danger of collapse. The number of seats on the grandstand may vary depending on the size of the grandstand. The area where the tribune will be placed should be intact; The tribune to be made to get it intact. The soundness of the area where the stand is to be established refers to the soundness of the foundation of the stand. After the stand is constructed, there should be no residues on any part that may cause damage to cut or pierce people.


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