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Nov 27, 2019 | Genel

Without socialization, life wouldn’t make sense, would it? You have the right to have some fun to relieve your stressful life and to have some time for yourself. How can you relax? When you go to the cinema, watch a football match, play basketball and go to a concert event… You must do an activity to get rid of the stressful life of business and city life. Have you ever been to a football game? Or did you watch a basketball game on the stands? Wouldn’t it be fun? Loving, hugging and having fun with the supporters of the same team will do you well psychologically. Hundreds of thousands of people who share the same emotions move together shoulder to shoulder and heartfelt in the same stands. Have you ever wondered how the stands, which you watched the match and had fun to the full, were made? Let us first explain what is the grandstand; In the indoor and outdoor sports halls, hippodrome and similar places designed for the audience to sit in the form of increasing floor levels with seats. The stands are beautiful with the audience. Both the showroom and the different ambience of being together, the grandstands add excitement to the life. When you watch the matches of your favorite team, you will be like a family with the other people in audience. A grandstand manufacturer should start considering the production of the stands with thinking of security of life. The stands should be durable, long-lasting, flashy and represent the ambience of the environment.

In football fields, stands surround all over the field. Sometimes stands can be set up for concerts and events. The stands can be fixed or bolted to the system. They can be made with steel system or with concrete. After the stands are completed, seats are installed on them. The grandstand seats can be spaced or non-spaced. It is possible to come across folding stand seat models. The purpose of the folding seats is to provide a comfortable and practical way for the audience to take their seats. The stands can be in outdoor or indoor spaces. The grandstand seats must be resistant to extreme cold and heat. More precise seats can be used in indoor sports halls, but the seats used in outdoor areas must be more durable. The grandstand seats should be unfading and non-flammable. The presence of a fire in public areas can bring along huge disasters. Therefore, it is very important that the seats do not burn. Seats that are unbreakable and resistant to extreme impacts should be used and designed according to the structure of the site. Especially sports clubs have seats in the stands according to their own colors. The stands can be of different types. Recently concrete stands have been replaced by steel stands. It is possible to come across different stands in the same field. Especially the protocol stands are more luxurious and can be covered with glass. Bleacher companies may be competing for the best price, but here it is necessary to push the price to background and take into account that a quality job must be created first.

What Specialties Should Be Found in Grandstand Manufacturers? Grandstand Manufacturer

The firm that will produce a stand has to do the planning. The project should be drawn first and the specification should be prepared by specifying the procedures to be performed respectively. In the project, all dimensions should be determined and the structure should be made according to the dimensions. How it is going to be built? Will it be made of concrete or a steel? The area where the steel stand will be installed should be flat and the floor should be solid. If concrete stands are to be installed, foundation must be laid. It is very important that the stands are resistant to high pressure and vibration. The reason is that guests coming to events such as football and concerts can jump and move on the stands. The steel stands can be installed as fixed or disassembled as well as portable. Some activities can take place in different areas rather than in a fixed location. For this reason, the stands can be installed for activities in different areas can be removed when the event ends. Such stands are very practical and advantageous. Adjusting the height of a stand is completely an engineering job. The height of the floor should be adjusted by considering the carrying capacity of the stands. The higher the height of a building, the more solid the foundation should be. After the foundation of the stand is finished, the turn comes to beautification. After the rough structure of the stand is finished, concrete stands can be covered and seats can be placed on the steel ones. Stand seats can be of different features, shapes and colors.

Some companies can only build stands and some of them can make complete turn-key stadiums. Installation and disassembly of portable stands should be very practical. This type of stands can easily take part in any organization. The stands can be used in indoor and outdoor areas. Stands are used in astro pitches, stadiums, basketball courts, concert halls, race tracks, fashion halls and many other areas. Bleacher manufacturers should start the installation process according to a plan before installation. The grandstand seats are mounted with the screwing. There are many brawls and fights happen in these fields around the world. When this is the case, it is possible to come across many hooligans who disassemble the seats in the stands. The seats in the stadium should not be harmful to people. Extremely hard and metal seats can pose a hazard to both the side and the audience the higher a stand is built, the more solid the foundation has to be. The stands should never rust in rainy weather or when they are exposed to water. The use of special materials against corrosion is very important for the stability of the stands.


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