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Bleachers are where sports fans crowd to gather to watch various sports games such as football, tennis, volleyball etc. Seeing their favorite players with whom they wear the exact same football uniform with their player numbers on the back or cheering for the team chasing after the ball, they get to experience the same feeling with them simultaneously sitting with other fans. Outdoor bleachers for outdoor sports or for indoor bleachers for indoor sports are two different offers of our company to the customers who wants to install a tribune for sports games.

We can assure you that the bleachers we produce are of the best quality. Our expert team offers our beloved customers guidance, construction, and installation services. See the 4 types of bleachers we offer to you:

  • Classic Bleachers
  • Roofless Container Tribune
  • Roofed Container Tribune
  • Grandstand Curved Ceiling.

Both outdoor and indoor bleachers can be prepared in different sizes, colors, and shapes. It is up to the taste of the customer. If you are looking for best outdoor bleachers for sale for your stadium, or maybe school, or any place that you want, you are at the right place. Let’s have a look at best outdoor bleachers for sale.

Types of Outdoor Bleachers

outdoor bleachers prices

We make available the best service with high-quality systems that we produce. There are different variety of bleachers that we serve to our customers to select the best one for their project.

1. Classic (Standard) Bleachers

These bleachers are 3m in length. Each of them has 100 seats. It is a suitable product to be used in stadiums, swimming pools and sports halls. The system is applied to the places that doesn’t require a roof. The product is made of steel construction. It is a pretty useful system if you want to remove the seats or relocate it to another place. The audience capacity can range from 100 to 1000. The color of the seats can be red, blue or white, but you should know that there are also other optional colors that you can choose for your bleachers. The installation period can change between 3 to 12 days depending on the capacity of the audience.

2. Roofless Container Bleachers

It can be produced from 4m in length. The usage areas include stadiums, swimming pools and sports halls. The system is made of steel construction. It is easy to remove the system if the customer wants to move it to another place. It has a high capacity of audience which can range between 200 to 1000. The colors of the stadium seats can be standard red, blue or white colors but there are also other options for different colors such as green, yellow, etc. The installation time of the system can change between 4 to 12 days depending on how many seats are to be installed.

3. Roofed Container Bleachers

This bleacher system can be produced from 3m. The usage areas of roofed container tribune are the same as roofless container tribune and classic bleachers. It is made of steel construction. It is effortless to dismantle and replace it. The capacity of this system ranges between 200 to 1000 spectators. The seat colors can be standard, or they may vary according to the customer’s preference. The installation process lasts 7 to 25 days depending on the number of the seats for the audience.

4. Grandstand Curved Bleachers

This system can be produced starting from 3m in length. The usage areas of grandstand curved ceiling model are similar to the other three systems we explained above. It is also a modular product that is made of steel construction. This model is effortless to dismantle and move to another place to be installed as well as the others. The capacity can range from 100 people to 1000 people. The colors of the stadium seats can be red, white, and blue. But the customers may want different optional colors such as green, yellow, and orange. The installation process of the product may vary between 3 to 12 days depending on the number of the stadium seats.

Outdoor Bleachers Price

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Various things are considered while determining the price of outdoor bleachers. For instance, if the customer chooses a standard color for the seats of the tribune, the price is included in the overall cost of the process. But if the customer asks for another optional color such as green, yellow, or orange, the price changes according to that.

Other things that affect the outdoor bleachers’ price are the capacity of the stadium, how many seats are needed, which type of bleachers are preferred by the customer.

We use high-quality raw materials in our products and offer the best service to our beloved customers. Our expert team helps the customers both during pre-installation process and during the installation process. If you are curious about how much covered bleachers, portable bleachers for sale, or outdoor aluminum bleachers cost, our team are ready to answer your questions.

For both outdoor bleachers for sale and indoor bleachers for sale, contact us for further information. Our team consisting of experts will gladly assist you.

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