Indoor & Outdoor Bleachers Seats

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It is much more enjoyable to watch matches in stadiums. Watching the match in the bleachers seats and following the match in home is very different. But the matches watched at home are of course more comfortable.

As an Integral Grandstand company, we step in here. We do our best to make you comfortable, even if it does not compare to the comfort of your home. We produce seats where you can sit comfortably without any ache and stiffness, even during long periods of sitting. One of the most significant features we attach importance to is that you feel comfortable while watching the match.

You can contact us bleachers seats for sale. The bleachers seats, which you can use indoors and outdoors, are intended in harmony with the weather terms. We also manufacture portable tribune seats. You can contact us by specifying the features you want to buy and benefit from our suggestions.

In this article, information will be given about the titles such as bleachers seats models, bleachers seat price and bleachers seat assembly. Please continue reading the article to access this information.

Bleachers Seat Models


The comfort of the tribune seats is as important as the other elements, especially in professional matches. Because spectator support is indispensable for matches. As Integral Grandstands, we offer you a wide range of products and reasonable price options for you to use at the bleachers stadium.

There are many types of grandstand seats. Some of them are stadium seats with backs, stadium seats without back, portable seats, folding stadium seats. Although tribune seats seem like a very simple product, they have many standards. It is produced to be supremely durable to ultra-hot and cold weather terms and influences.

Bleachers seats stadium have feature fireproof. With the excitement of the match, we are producing in resistant for situations such as dismantling the seats and trying to burn them. We provide this with the quality materials we use.

Bleachers Seat Price

The prices of the stadium seats are installed according to the properties of the product. The desired size, weight and materials used affect the bleachers seat prices. In order to get a precise price information, you need to share the bleachers features you have determined with us.

Stadium seats are produced in different colors. Our production is available in yellow, red, blue and like colors. We pay attention to the quality of the materials used in order to be resistant to impacts. We make drainage gaps so that there is no puddle on the bleachers seats that will be used in open spaces.

As Integral Grandstand, we do best stadium seats for bleachers. You can contact us to determine the price over the bleachers with the features you want.

Bleachers Seat Assembly


The assembly of the bleachers seats is different according to the models. For example, the plastic tribune seat is mounted on the floor with four screws. It is hidden over the screws using caps in the same color as the seat to conceal the screw connections just in case. In this way, it is made more secure. Also whether the stands are made of metal or concrete affects their assembly. This also affects the assembly cost of the stands.

You can contact us to get price information about outdoor or indoor bleacher seats with back support and portable bleachers for sale. All you have to do is to order tribunes with the features you want by contacting us after viewing our website.

As Integral Grandstand, we produce products in expected quality standards and export to many countries. France, Qatar, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kosovo, Kuwait, Italy, Cameroon, Mali, Portugal, Nigeria and many other countries can be given as examples to the countries we export to.

In addition to all this information about the bleachers seats, you can contact us for any questions you want to ask. To get information about bleachers seats for sale or to get special price information, simply fill out the form below. Our team working 24/7 for our customers will get back to you as soon as possible. We care about customer satisfaction by giving great importance to price-performance balance and we are ready to do our best to please you.

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