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Are you looking for VIP seating for your special visitors? Are you looking for a company that offers both quality and comfort at the same? Let’s simply say that you are looking for the best VIP seating producer. Then, welcome to Integral Grandstand. We produce and sell the best VIP seating in the sector with a wide product range, using the highest quality raw materials, manufacturing the products in our factories, and having a team consisting of professionals to assist the customers.

What Is VIP Seating?

Let’s start by giving a brief introduction to the VIP seating meaning. VIP seats are for special spectators and these seats are reserved privately for VIP audience.

VIP luxury seating are present in various settings such as sports tribunes, concerts, theatres, airplanes, etc. VIP seats are booked privately for special customers. There is seating area in theatre for VIP, VIP seat in airplane, or even VIP cinema with beds.

We, as Integral Grandstand, offer our customers best service with our certified and high in quality products. We are the leading company in the industry with a high satisfaction ratio by our beloved customers. Working diligently for years with experience and giving particular importance to our customer’s trust, safety, and comfort, we export to over 60 countries around the world.

VIP and Private Seating by Integral Grandstand

VIP stadium seating

VIP stadium seating is one of the services we provide our customers. Integral Grandstand works meticulously and efficiently. We specify the details of the project together, discuss what our customers want in their projects, give guidance to them throughout the process and use high quality raw materials for VIP seats that we diligently produce in our factories. We produce and sell first-class grandstands ever since 1994 with our mission to supply the high-class service to the customers.

We have tribunes with different capacities that you can choose between. If you are here to search for VIP and private seating, we would like to inform you that our stadiums with the capacity of 10.000 and 30.000 has a feature of hosting a special space for VIP tribune area. By visiting our website, you can view the multipurpose stadium types we offer and choose the right one for you.

Why You Should Select Our VIP Seating?

Our stadiums are used in different settings as we mentioned above. Cinema, football pitches, basketball courts, theater are just few examples that we can mention. They come with many advantages which make them widely selected.

  • The capacities of these stadiums range from 10.000 to 50.000 in accordance with the desired number of spectators specified by the customer himself.
  • Raw materials are of high quality and our seating are resistant to the abrasions, strong UV rays that threatens human health.
  • VIP seats are comfortable, convenient and their vibrant color stays as the same as they were in the first day of purchase. They are secured not to cause any problems, health issues, injuries etc.
  • Integral Grandstand, apart from producing and selling the best VIP grandstands, provides guidance service in installing as well. These seats are removable and can effortlessly be replaced to another place if you want to change their positions. Not only construction service, but also demolishing service is what we provide you with.
  • Our tribunes are constructed in accordance with international standards, and we can assure you that they all are TSE certified.

VIP Stadium Seating Cost

VIP seating manufacturers

As in most projects, to calculate the overall cost we must need to specify few points. VIP Stadium seating price depends on various criteria such as:

  • The preferred product by the customer
  • Color of the seats
  • Capacity of the desired project
  • The raw material that the seating is made of (for example, steel)
  • Other additional features, if the chosen product is backless or the seats has an arm-resting feature or if they are portable, etc.

All above will help you calculate the exact price for your project. Integral Grandstand team, consisting all of professionals is ready to assist you in every stage for your VIP grandstand project. We work as the leading VIP seating manufacturers by producing best seating and introducing them to the market, offering the construction, guidance, installation services.

If you are curious about our VIP seating offers and have further questions regarding them, we invite you to contact with us via our telephone number, e-mail or by visiting us. Our expert team is always ready to help you and answer your questions.

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