Sports Tribune Installation and Renovation Cost

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Sports tribunes are one of the main elements of some sports. For this reason, we, as Integral family, try our best to offer our clients the best sports tribune every time. We not only produce this quality sports tribunes but also offer and help our customers with sports tribune installation.

In our company the tribunes that we offer are divided into three groups. The construction of these three stands are quite different from each other. Even though the basic purposes are the same, they differ from each other in terms of construction. These tribune types are portable tribune, mobile tribune and telescopic tribune. Each tribune is made of very high quality and solid materials by our company.

About Our Portable Tribune Service


Portable tribunes are specially designed tribunes that can be designed in different colors and features and they offer convenience thanks to their portability. The layout of the portable tribunes is from the bottom up, making it easy for the audience to watch. According to customer demands, our portable tribune service is provided with seat options in different colors and models. Additionally, they offer some advantages. For example; they are environmentally-friendly, easy-to-use and they can be installed easily.

About Mobile Tribune and Its Construction

As the name suggests, a mobile tribune is a type of tribune that can be taken from one place to another. In this way, it provides an easy use. It is mostly used in shows, events, concerts or competitions. The tribune is prepared according to the width of the area and the potential of the person. The mobile tribune belongs to the individual or the company, as well as the companies dealing with the tribune business are interested in this business. They are very advantageous. They are not affected by sunlight and they can be used for years without any problems. They are long-lasting and durable products.

Telescopic Tribune and Its Construction

Telescopic tribune is mostly used in various games and shows in sports halls for the audience. It can be opened and closed with a remote control system or manually. Thanks to the wheel system suitable for the telescopic tribune, it can be used in all areas. This mobile sitting group, which has many advantages, can be folded and can gain a distance of only 1 meter, 15 centimeters or 20 centimeters at the bottom of the wall. In this way, the field expands.

Sport Tribunes by Their Size


As Integral, we are trying to offer the best sports tribune and the most affordable sports tribune cost for our customers. For this reason, we categorize our stadium tribunes according to their sizes, also. You may make a correct choice considering your preferences and your budget in that way. Let’s see our stadium tribune types together! 2.000 seats stadium tribune3.000 seats stadium tribune4.000 seats stadium tribune5.000 seats stadium tribune – 10.000 seats stadium tribune20.000 seats stadium tribune30.000 seats stadium tribune

Details About Sports Tribune Installation and Renovation Cost by Integral

All materials and accessories to be used in our sports tribune installation are of high quality and long-lasting. We repair and renovate some parts of the tribunes from time to time. With our experienced team, disciplined business approach and expert employees, we may offer you this service, also. If you want to get this service, we may work with you. For detailed information and free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will contact you as soon as possible. We are here to serve the best!

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