In Which Sports Fields Are Steel Tribune Used?

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Steel tribune systems are tribune systems in which all of the carrier systems are produced from steel. Its advantage over reinforced concrete tribunes is that it is resistant to earthquakes and can be manufactured at a lower cost. The system can be designed in desired dimensions and capacity so that it can be used in open and closed areas. Before starting the production, the feasibility of the area to be used is made, a static report is prepared considering the weather conditions and earthquake standards, and the production is carried out in this direction. If needed, the steel tribunes can be dismantled and moved to another area and re-installed.

Steel tribune systems are easy-to-carry and safe-to-use systems that are made of lighter parts. They can be assembled and disassembled easily in a short time. For this reason, the steel tribune installation process does not take a long time. In line with the customers’ demands and preferences, production can be made for a small show area or for a large stadium project. Customers can use these steel tribune systems for many years in indoor and outdoor organizations, either in parts or in whole, at different times and places. It is possible to mount all kinds of seats on the tribune platform, put a portable chair or use it as a bench. In addition, the platforms made for the tribune can be used for stage, podium and similar works if desired.

Types of Steel Tribunes


There are two types of steel tribune systems which are produced by Integral. These are standard steel tribunes and container model steel tribunes. Let’s take a look at the features of these products.

– Standard Steel Tribune

Standard steel tribunes can be built from 3 meters to 90 meters in length. In addition to being produced with or without a roof, they have a snow load which is 75 – 210 kilograms per square meter. 200 to 5,000 audiences can use this system. The quality standard steel tribunes which are produced by Integral are approved by TSE and European product regulations (CE). As a result, snow, wind and seismic loads have been tested according to these regulations.

– Container Model Steel Tribune

Reinforced Concrete Plank Plywood pieces should be connected firmly.
Infrastructure Natural ground must be compressed and leveled.
Steel Construction Must be produced in a factory.
Surfacings Aſter the steel construction system is installed, surfacing is made by diamond patterned galvanized shet and special twisted galvanized shets.
Exterior Surfacings Exterior surface coatings are optional. Coating with trapeze sheet or betopan is available.

Container model steel tribune has a minimum length of 4 meters. But if a customer needs more space, the length can be increased as needed. Just like standard steel tribunes, it can be produced with or without a roof and the audience capacity can vary from 200 to 5,000. These tribunes are also approved by TSE and European product regulations (CE). If there is a special demand, changing rooms, showers and WC can be designed.

Advantages of Steel Tribunes


A quality steel tribune offers many advantages to the customer and audience. Because it is durable, robust and safe. It provides high sound, heat and water insulation. Thanks to its flexibility and lightness, it provides more efficient earthquake performance. It offers aesthetic solutions in design. In addition, it shortens the construction period thanks to its ease of assembly and allows a cleaner construction site environment. Structures are made of galvanized steel. As a result, they are resistant to corrosion and rust.

Steel Tribunes by Integral Spor

As a leading steel tribune manufacturer, our family has added the production of these quality tribunes to the sports, show and event sectors. As a result, Integral studies on environmental engineering projects that make a difference, introduce customers tribunes with quality features, with the idea of realizing different engineering projects

Steel tribunes, which we manufacture and assemble, are systems that are accepted worldwide and are very easy and fast to assemble and disassemble. These systems can be used for a short time in all kinds of organizations as well as permanently in any area. Considering the perfection of human life organizations and the ergonomics and visual aesthetics of the system, the above-mentioned issues are indispensable for our company. If you would like to meet these indispensable issues and get detailed information about the steel tribunes and to get free price information, you can fill out the form below. Our expert team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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