Grandstand Tribune

May 29, 2018 | Tribune varieties

Grandstand Tribune

In a sports event, outside the playing field, it is called the grandstand tribune where the spectators sit. These seating areas consist of hundreds or even thousands of seats. These seating groups, also referred to as sports facility seats or stadium seats, are manufactured in different categories according to event, usage style, construction materials and branches.

In the construction of the grandstand tribune, just like Integral Integrated System does, the materials used in the seats may vary. These seats are produced from PVC, plastic, or polypropylene materials. Outdoor areas are also equipped with stadium seats resistant to UV, which are exposed to sunlight and do not fade in areas exposed to weather conditions.

The grandstand tribune seats are mostly made in bright colors on the basis of club colors, as well as in terms of enthusiasm. Grandstand tribune seat producers work by thinking where to use these seats when manufacturing. If manufactured for a football club, Integral makes 4 screw connections with high resistance, and disassembly resistance. Because in the events of violence in football matches, they should not be very strong.

The grandstands tribune can be permanent, modular and portable in any size and capacity depending on the sports type, or event. It can also be with classic ceiling, curvy ceiling, modern ceiling, or without ceiling according to project requirements. Integral Integrated systems are able to do any kind and size.

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