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Oct 9, 2022 | Genel, Tribune varieties

Stadium stands are where we all gather together to watch many events such as concerts, sports fields and theatres. Lots of sports fans, lovers of music and theatre enthusiasts band together to live the same exciting experience.

Grandstands are important elements of these kinds of crowded events, effective in bringing us together and witness to these live sports games, music concerts, etc. just in the exact place. They are the symbol of social and fun events for many of us.

What Qualities Should Grandstands Have?

Of course, grandstands as other products need to have necessary characteristics that makes them preferable to the organizer of these events or to the sports facilities. See some of them below:

  • Comfort

When it comes to convenience of a product, comfort is the most important thing to consider. The stadium seats must be comfortable for the spectators.

  • Quality

Quality of the product is not something to be overlooked. All of us agree that we want high quality products that can last for a long time, right?

  • Durableness

Grandstands must be solid and strong and resistant to abrasions, fading out, getting broken or any other damage.

  • Aesthetic Appearance

Even though aesthetics seems like it comes last in our list of qualities, we cannot ignore the fact that it is important for us. Stadium bleachers with bright colors and aesthetically pleasing look elevates the atmosphere in the social events where many people gather.

Integral Grandstand and Stand Construction

stadium stand

We, as Integral Grandstand produce the best quality grandstand products and install them. From portable seats to steel ones, from stands with curved ceilings to the container type stadium, we are specialists in grandstand production and building. Having dedication, hard work, quality, and customer satisfaction on our minds as our priorities, we have been constructing many grandstands for many years and providing the best service to our beloved customers. Our tribunes are built according to the standards of TSE and CE. You can visit our website if you are searching for stadium stands for sale.

The process of stand construction is simple. We start by defining the project with our customer. How many seats are going to be in the stand, what properties does the customer wants, the color of the seats and how the seats are going to be are discussed with the customer in the first step. Then, the infrastructure stage starts. Our expert team proceeds with the infrastructure to get it ready for the construction stage. After the infrastructure of the building space is ready and clean from all unnecessary materials and it is smooth, then the building process of the grandstand takes place. The work is meticulously done by our professionals. For the last step, installation of the chosen seats by the customer is done.

Grandstand Types

We produce different types of bleachers that our customers can choose between up to their taste and needs. Our products are made of steel construction. We invite you to see our grandstand types and their features below:

  • Grandstand Classic (Roofless)

The grandstand type with an audience capacity ranging from 100 to 1000 with concrete infrastructure. The colors of the seats can change according to the taste of the customer and can be selected for different settings such as stadiums, sports halls etc.

  • Grandstand Container

The roofless container tribune type’s capacity ranges between 200-1000 people. The infrastructure is concrete, and the color of the seats can vary. Containers are the best feature of this type.

  • Grandstand Special

Roofed container tribune type has a capacity of 200 to 1000 spectators. The roof’s standard color is white but there are also optional colors that you can choose between. The infrastructure is concrete.

  • Grandstand Curved Ceiling

The capacity for the curved ceiling type ranges from 100-1000 people. With concrete infrastructure and with an option of spaced or non-spaced seating, this type of grandstand can be used in different settings.


The Price of Grandstands

It is not possible to calculate the exact price without having information about what type of a product is selected by the customer, the capacity of the bleachers, the color (standard or optional), the type of seating, etc. These points help us to determine the exact cost for the project.

As Integral, we play part in production, construction, dismantling and demolishing processes and give assistance to our customer throughout their project. You can find stadium bleachers on sale by visiting our website.

If you wish to have further information about grandstand construction and our stand types, you can contact us by filling out the form given below. Our expert team will respond to you as immediate as possible.

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