Stila Continues To Build The Grandstand! (SEAGames 2019 Philippines)

Nov 21, 2019 | Genel, Tribune varieties

Our work on Grandstand construction for the SEAGames 2019 organization in flipins continues rapidly.

Stila, the Integral Group brand is a leading brand that exports to all continents, producing different types of bleachers suitable for indoor and outdoor use for sports fields. Stila continues its activities in its own facilities with a production and service approach that will improve the cruising pleasure and quality of sports events and events, with its experienced team in order to meet the highest standards at every stage of the business, from steel grandstand production to seat mounting in event areas!

This time the stall SEAGAMES Philippines, where Stila undertook grandstand construction for the 2019 games!

Stila continues his work quickly. Seagames is enjoying our experienced team continuing grandstand construction in the Philippines for 2019. (22.11.2019)



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